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Do Not Self-Clean Your Oven Before Thanksgiving!!

With Thanksgiving just days away, you may be thinking now is the time to push that self-cleaning button on your oven so that it’s ready to take on all the baking and holiday feasts! Here’s why that’s a very bad idea.

Self-cleaning cycles can be really hard on your oven. The super high temperatures required to burn everything into obliteration (temperatures over 1000 Fahrenheit) can sometimes have unintended consequences. Most ovens today have their heat elements hidden behind the internal walls of the oven, leading to poor ventilation when such high temperatures are achieved. As a result, your self-cleaning oven could damage its internal components, pop a fuse, or burn out its electrical components.

There’s never a good time for your oven to break down, but there’s definitely the worst possible time for it to happen, which is right before you’re planning to cook a dozen dishes during a family get together! If your oven’s heating element is hidden beneath the oven floor or above the oven ceiling, consider cleaning it with soap and water instead!

If your appliance is broken, do not hesitate to contact Gizmo Appliance Repair! Call or text us at 321-626-8742 to schedule your repair !

Self cleaning ovens
Self cleaning ovens- Gizmo Appliance Repair

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