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Top Tips for Getting Your Appliances Ready for Easter Cooking

So, we hear you’re hosting a big Easter feast for your family! Are your kitchen appliances in tip-top shape before embarking on the adventure of Easter cooking?

We are all familiar with the chaos that comes with preparing for a holiday, and Easter is certainly no exception, especially if you are responsible for making the delicious savory and sweet dishes we all look forward to.

Plan ahead by prepping your appliances this year and saving yourself some hassle on the big day. Gizmo Appliance Repair shares its top Easter-ready appliance tips…

How to Prepare Your Appliances for Easter 

You may already have an endless list of to-dos before Easter Sunday arrives. But make room for six more crucial steps to be sure your holiday runs smoothly.

You won’t regret it. Guaranteed. 

Below, we’ve provided you with everything you need to know to get your kitchen ready and make your job a little easier.

1. Tidy Up the Kitchen

Start with a clean slate. First, clear all the clutter from your kitchen counters. Put away all appliances that have been left out. And if anything needs to be out, push it to the side to create as much space as possible. You’ll want plenty of room for all the vegetable chopping and pie-making later. Next, wipe down all surfaces. Don’t forget about the corners and hard-to-reach places. These hidden spots often are ignored in day-to-day cleaning, but guests certainly notice them. So, get into every nook and cranny. Finally, leave the floor sparkling clean by mopping up any dirt or grease.

2. Wipe Down the Microwave

The microwave is not a heavily used appliance for an Easter meal. However, you’ll thank yourself when it comes time to heat up the leftovers. Plus, you never know if you’ll need the microwave. It comes in handy when the day goes awry and you fall behind schedule.

Start by removing the turntable and placing it in soapy water. While it’s soaking, grab a cloth and cleaning spray to wipe down the inside of the microwave. The cooking chamber can get pretty nasty if you aren’t keeping up with it regularly. If this is the case, allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes while leaving the microwave door open. Next, clear the microwave door and control pad of any smudges and fingerprints. Depending on your appliance’s finish, you may need to use a special cleaner. For example, stainless steel microwaves require a unique cleaning product not to damage the surface and restore the shine.

The final step is to rinse and dry the turntable that’s been soaking for some time. Place it back into the microwave and ensure it sits firmly to avoid tipping or wobbling any dishes on its subsequent use.

3. Disinfect the Trash Bins

You absolutely won’t want to skip this step. A smelly trash bin will surely be an off-putting addition to the honey-sweet aroma of an Easter ham in the oven. Additionally, suppose you are hosting several guests. In that case, you may want to clean out all the trash containers in your home, not just in the kitchen.

Empty the trash cans to get started. Then spray the inside with a store-bought cleaner. Allow the can to sit with the cleaner for about 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe down the inside with an old rag or paper towels. All-purpose cleaners work well, but if your trash bin is extra grimy, consider using a cleanser with bleach.

Scrub down the lid and outside of the container, too. And before adding a fresh new liner, sprinkle half a cup of baking soda at the bottom of the bin. Baking soda helps to absorb pungent odors.

GIZMO Pro Tip: To further rid of smelly trash can issues, dangle an air freshener somewhere inside of the container. Floral scents, fresh pine, or vanilla work great for Easter holiday fragrances.

4. Check the Dishwasher

The dishes are endless when prepping for a holiday.

Seriously, where in the world do all these dishes come from?

That’s why checking on the efficiency of your dishwasher is one of the essential tasks when getting ready for Easter dinner. Get ahead of the game by making sure your dishwasher is ready to work just as hard as you’ll be working.

Check for clogs and built-up residue on the following parts of your dishwater:

  • Interior walls of the tub

  • Drain valve

  • Inlet valve

  • Spray arms

If any of these components are covered in soap scum or water residue, your dishwasher will not work as well as it should. However, you can eliminate the problem by using white vinegar or another acid-based cleaner that dissolves build-up.

GIZMO Pro Tip: If you’ve noticed a surplus of residue throughout, place only a bowl of white vinegar on the top rack of the dishwasher. Then run a normal wash cycle. The vinegar will help to clear out the excess build-up and reduce odor.

5. Clean Out the Refrigerator

So, you’re just about ready to head out to the store for Easter grocery shopping. But before you do, create space in your fridge for all the fresh ingredients. Also, you’ll need plenty of room for large trays and casserole dishes waiting to be popped into the oven on Easter day.

Throw out expired products and old produce. If you anticipate using the fridge and freezer to total capacity, keep only what you really need. To ensure you’ll have all the space you need for those delicious Easter dishes, go through the food in your fridge one more time on Saturday night.

While you’re at it, wipe down all shelves and surfaces in your refrigerator and freezer. You may have to scrub some areas, especially if food containers have leaked without you realizing it. Use a vinegar and warm water solution to get the best results.

GIZMO Pro Tip: For extra stubborn messes, unplug the refrigerator and allow the vinegar-water mixture to sit for a few minutes. After some soaking, the tricky areas soften up for easier removal.

6. Get the Oven Ready for All the Easter Holiday Action

When it comes to home-cooked holiday meals, your oven gets the most use out of any other kitchen appliance. Therefore, putting in the time and effort to clean the two should be at the top of your list this Easter. Second only to the actual cooking and baking of the holiday’s iconic meals, of course.

For this, we recommend cleaning the oven yourself. Use a wet cloth to collect and remove any debris. Then, spray the interior with a store-bought oven cleaner. After it sits for the time recommended on the product’s label, wipe down the surfaces of your oven with a lint-free cloth or sponge.

Count on Gizmo Appliance Repair this Easter Holiday

Holidays have a terrible habit of sneaking up on us at the last minute. But not this year!

Because you’re getting ahead of the game by ensuring your kitchen is ready to effortlessly create the perfect Easter meal for your family and loved ones. Plus, there is an added benefit to preparing all your kitchen appliances before Easter Sunday rolls around. You’ll know exactly what condition your appliances are in. 

So, suppose you’re cleaning away and suddenly realize you need to call in the pros for a repair. In that case, Gizmo Appliance Repair has your back. For, repairing appliances is what we do best. 

We repair refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, stoves, dishwashers, and much more.

Contact our office to get on the schedule for your appliance maintenance and have your appliances ready for the big day.

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